About the BLFT

Britton Murdock, a Reno native, collegiate softball star and graduate from the University of Nevada, jumped behind the wheel of a fashion truck to bring Reno its first and only mobile boutique. Her mission: to empower women by clothing and styling them with a unique wardrobe that makes them feel confident. After a trip to the fashion truck she wants them to leave feeling ready to take on the world.

Britton has always had a love for retail, as it’s in her blood. Her grandfather owned Murdock’s Clothing Store for thirty years in Carson City and Reno. She always wanted to carry on the family tradition but knew she would have to evolve with the times.

A coffee date with Mayor Hillary Schieve helped make this dream a reality when she presented a business opportunity to Britton that she couldn’t pass up. Mayor Scheive’s expertise in the industry along with her strong belief in empowering entrepreneurship in our community drove Britton to accomplish her dream.

Murdock’s road to success wasn’t necessarily a straight one. After receiving her Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration from the University of Nevada, Reno, she thought her career path was headed towards Athletic Administration. However her dreams weren’t being fulfilled and she knew it was time to make a change.

The transition from Athletic Administration to Boutique Fashion Truck owner was a little bumpy as changing your identity can be difficult. Just because what you’re doing seems “right” to your peers doesn’t mean it’s what fulfills you. When you follow your passion, the judgement from others will fade and support will evolve.

With Britton’s plan and vision along with the empowerment she received from Mayor Schieve, she began BLFT operations in June 2016. On her of path to following her dreams, she wants to empower other women in the community to reach their goals. She wants all women to know that it’s okay to make a change in order to reach a life that brings them greatness.

Right now, Britton doesn’t know exactly where where the Biggest Little Fashion Truck will go, but she has an enormous vision for it.

Empowering others, supporting our community and looking good while doing it are the values that fuel this truck and Britton’s dream.