We’re so excited about the launch of our new website. We’ve been working really hard to have a place for you to visit us online to provide information on upcoming events and all things fashion!

Feel free to explore our site – you can check out our calendar to see where we’ll be driving up next for a pop-up shop. Our new blog will offer you tips for fashion, the BLFT lifestyle, how-to’s and more! We are going to strive to push out blogs that will provide you with the best information, but we would love your input on any topics you’d like for us to discuss.

The Biggest Little Fashion Truck strives to make all women feel their best selves. All women, of all ages, of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, and our goal at the BLFT is to help you create a style that embodies your own unique self and personality.

When owner, Britton Murdock, bought the BLFT earlier this year, she set out for an adventure of a lifetime – all the while fulfilling her lifelong dream. Building your own business takes a lot of patience, requires some mistakes and is fueled by a lot of passion. Finishing the new website is another item to cross off our never-ending list. Thank you for joining us on our journey and sharing your love of fashion with us!


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